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Cape Hyuga

This ria coastline with a length of 5 km is located on the southern tip of the Nippokaigan-kokutei Park. The “Umagase” with its rough rocky surface, was named because it looks like a horses back from above. At the end of the walk way, you are greeted with a mind blowing panorama from the Hyuga-misaki lookout.

You will have your camera out without realizing it and the vast ocean is sure to heal you.

Cape Hyuga

1-1 Hososhima, Hyuga City

+81 982-54-6177(Umagase Tea House(Information) )

Business hours:
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.(Umagase Tea House(Information) )

Closed days:
December 31.

Admission fee:

136 322 442*28