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Miyazaki Sta.

This area has department stores and shopping streets so you can enjoy shopping. Also, there are several lunch places where you can try local dishes like chicken nanban, ramen, Miyazaki-Jidori (chicken) and fish. There is also a sightseeing information center in Miyazaki Station where you can get a sightseeing brochure.

About 1h 25m by rail and walk…

Aburatsu Shopping Street

Miyazaki Sta. → Aburatsu Sta.

About 1h 20m

About 5min by walk (from the Aburatsu Sta.)

This shopping street, which also has restaurants and coffee shops, has recently been revitalized and is thriving so much that it has become a model for other shopping streets in Japan facing hardships. “Aburatsu Shokudo,” a former supermarket, is now home to six restaurants that share an “obi sugi” counter table.  “Aburatsu Garden” now has shipping containers repurposed as shops and “Aburatsu Coffee” has been renovated with contemporary elements that compliment its retro fittings.

About 2h by rail and BUS …

Cape Toi

Aburatsu Sta. → Kushima Sta.

Nichinan Line Towards Shibushi

About 50m

YOKA BUS from Kushima Sta.

Cape Toi Line (To Cape Toi/ via the City Hall)

About 1h 10m

The vast ocean and green fields stretch out in front of your eyes while Misaki Horses slowly chewing on grass. For 300 years, up until the opening of the ranch in 1967, Misaki Horses lived free from any interference. They are registered as Natural Monuments by the Japanese government as a pure Japanese breed of horse. The white lighthouse at Cape Toi is not only a great place to see Misaki Horses up close, but it is the only public-entry light house in Kyushu. This light house is still operational and continues to be a beacon for passing ships.

The Misaki horses at Cape Toi are peaceful and you can enjoy watching them in their natural habitat.  Just remember not to get too close, approach them from behind, feed, or touch them. 

Translated by Talbot Cullen/ Mai