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Miyazaki-city downtown area

This area has department stores and shopping streets so you can enjoy shopping. Also, there are several lunch places where you can try local dishes like chicken nanban, ramen, Miyazaki-Jidori (chicken) and fish. There is also a sightseeing information center in Miyazaki Station where you can get a sightseeing brochure.

About 1h by bus and walk

Feeling adventurous, try ordering chicken sashimi (torisashi)! Miyazaki has strict hygiene standards for restaurants to serve torisashi and protect Miyazaki’s raw food culture. Plus, it’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Amagajo Park

Use the Miyazaki Koutsu Bus (City-bus) 
Depart from Miyazaki Station (To Mukasa/Takaoka, To Takaoka Onsen/Ogashira) 〜 Get off at Takaoka Elementary School Entrance.

Riding time: About 50 minutes
By foot from the bus stop: About 15 minutes 

Situated at an elevation of 120 m, the view from Amagajo Park is outstanding. You can see the majestic flow of the Oyodo River and the Kirishima Mountains in the west and the Hyuga Ocean and Miyazaki Downtown area in the east. Amagajo Castle, which you can see from National Route 10, is also impressive. It is in harmony with its surroundings and complements the town of Takaoka. This park has sports facilities like a baseball field and gym, a giant roller slide, a putter golf area, the Amagajo History Folk Museum, and the Amagajo Tea House.

About 25 minutes by rail …

Kodomo no Kuni 

Nippo Line/Nichinan Line To Aburatsu

Miyazaki Station〜Minami Miyazaki Station〜Kodomo no Kuni Station 

Kodomo no Kuni is an amusement park beside Aoshima. It takes advantage of the river and the natural terrain, the small hills and valleys of this park adorned with tropical trees and seasonal flowers against the background of the Hyuga Ocean with views of Aoshima. People can spend the day relaxing while playing mini golf and enjoying the seasonal flowers like roses and camellias.

Miyakoh Botanic Garden (Miyazaki Public Subtropical Botanic Garden)

Aoshima boasts a botanical garden that radiates a tropical atmosphere. You can enjoy subtropical flowers and trees that grow naturally in Aoshima such as Livistona (Biro), Jacaranda, and Bougainvillea, which is also the name of Miyazaki’s Airport. There are also greenhouses with fruit trees such as guava and star fruit. With the blue azure sea and colorful flowers, you will easily feel refreshed in Aoshima.

About 20 minutes by walk …

Miyazaki’s Mangoes are world famous, a box of two mangoes sold for 500,000 yen at auction! Try some mango drinks or snacks at any nearby stand and see for yourself.


Aoshima is a small island with a perimeter of around 1.5km. On the island, you can enjoy subtropical plants of many different colors. Aoshima shrine is a prestigious shrine dedicated to the gods of traffic safety, safe voyage, safe delivery at birth, and matchmaking for couples. The shrine is also deeply connected with the mythology of Japan. The island’s shrine is accessible via the Yayoi bridge, which stretches out across the sea. Aoshima is a spot you must visit in Miyazaki. It is loved by visitors and surfers from around the world.

Translated by Talbot Cullen/ Mai