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using public transportation Autumn

Kyomachi Onsen Village

Miyazaki Sta. → Kyomachi onsen Sta.

JR Kyushu Nippo Line To Nishi-miyakonojo

Transfer at Miyakonojo Sta.

Kitto Line To Yoshimatsu

Riding time: About 3h

Ebino City Kyomachi Onsen is the largest hot spring town in Miyazaki Prefecture. A Tourist Information Center adjoins the Kyomachi Onsen Station. This village is situated along the Sendai River which flows through Ebino City. There are a variety of onsens with different mineral compositions. You can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the village along with their local dishes. This Village used to be named Kaminari, meaning lightning. In the Taisho era (1912~1926), the manager of Kuromatsu Ryokan (a Japanese inn) was hoping to find a natural hot spring and was digging during the rainy season. At last, a small amount of warm water ascended. To celebrate, he put up the national flag on a Mousou Bamboo (tall bamboo) pole. Suddenly, lightning struck and splintered the bamboo. And then, it is said, hot water spouted out.

About 30min by Taxi …

Ebino Plateau

Located at an altitude of 1,200 m, this is one of the premier sightseeing spots in the prefecture, surrounded by rich nature. Mountains and lakes made by volcanic activity are scattered about and you can look over the majestic landscape. It is recommended that you enjoy trekking the landscape of the Ebino Kogen. After enjoying the many nature trails, refresh at a hot spring nearby! In winter, there is an artificial skating rink for all to enjoy. 

About 35min by Taxi …

Ikoma Plateau

Located at an altitude of 540 m, you can look out across the Kirishima Mountains and the Kyushu Mountain Range. This is one of Kobayashi City’s best sightseeing locations. Ikoma Plateau has been called the plateau of flowers because flowers of every color cover the plateau from spring to autumn. The colorful flowers create a beautiful contrast with the blue sky and it’s sure to make you want to take a photo.

Every October, Kobayashi City hosts their annual Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival. At night, the flowers are illuminated by about 25,000 candles and a fireworks display.

Translated by Talbot Cullen/ Mai