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trip by rental car Autumn

Miyazaki Airport

Miyazaki Airport offers a wide range of services to arriving visitors. The Information Center is located on the first floor in the Domestic Arrival lobby. From here, you can request pick-up service from one of several nearby rental car companies. Rental cars can be booked in advance or on that day at the Information Center. Furthermore, Miyazaki Airport offers internet service and phone charging, plus “hands-free” sightseeing services which allow you to enjoy sightseeing without worrying about your luggage. Please feel free to use these services.

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Stairs of the Sea is a small, stylish shopping mall that offers fantastic views for those looking to relax and grab a bite to eat. Hyuga City is a popular surfing spot in Japan and you can enjoy various marine sports nearby. Stairs of the Sea attracts locals and visitors alike who want to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and spectacular views of Hyuga’s coast. Restaurants include a gelato shop that utilizes Miyazaki fruits, a delicatessen serving local vegetables, a burger joint from Hawaii, and an Italian kitchen/bakery.

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Sobo-Katamuki-Okue Biosphere Reserve

This UNESCO Eco Park is situated on the border of Miyazaki and Oita prefectures. You’ll marvel at the contrast of rocky ridges, magnificent cliffs, and beautiful low hill valleys. Autumn leaves are particularly stunning. The Okue mountain range is popular with advanced climbers who scale its gorges and hikers who can appreciate the many different faces of nature depending on their elevation. Genji fireflies, which are a rare sight in modern Japan, can be seen here, in this area where coexistence of nature and people is the goal. This is an area where you can get in touch with nature, from advanced climbers to family hikers and walkers alike.  

Check out the new outdoor tourist spot “Pakkun Rock” which has started to attract lots of attention on social media. The shape of this huge rock looks exactly the same as the computer game character “Pac-Man!”

Enjoy the famous foods of Nobeoka

(Chicken Nanban, Karamen – spicy noodles, Ayu sweetfish)

It is said that Nobeoka City is the birthplace of most of Miyazaki’s famous dishes.

Chicken Nanban, Miyazaki’s most well-known dish, originated in Nobeoka City and is served two ways: 1) simply with sweet vinegar sauce and 2) with the addition of tartar sauce.

Karamen is a spicy noodle dish which has a secret soup loaded with chopped red pepper, garlic, garlic chives, and minced meat. It is Nobeoka’s original soul food. What makes this dish unique is that they use “Konnyaku” noodles which are made by kneading together buckwheat flour and wheat flour, and added last to the spicy soup.

From October to December, Nobeoka conducts the traditional fishing practice known as Ayu-Yana. To catch the Ayu sweetfish who are swimming downstream to spawn, the path of the river is funneled to pass over a weir. Built below the weir is a slatted bamboo platform called “otesu.” The Ayu falls over the weir and is trapped on the otesu. Fresh Ayu is excellent!

Please refer to this English website for the details.

You can view the traditional fishing method Ayu-Yana at “Kawamachi Community Center

Translated by Talbot Cullen/ Mai