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The panorama created by over 30000 years of continuous volcanic eruptions along this mountain range is a must see. The Takachihomine is he main peak in the Kirishima mountain range and in the ancient texts of Japan the “Kojiki” and “Nihon-shoki” this location is where the sun goddess descended to earth.

The legendary spear “Amanosakahoko” can be seen stuck in the ground at the peak. From the end of May to the beginning of June is the best season to see Miyamakirishima.

There are two trekking courses, one starting at the Miike Camp Village and the other starting from the Oujibaru Park. Both tracks are great for seeing autumn leaves and a wide variety of plant life.


Miike Town, Takaharu Town, Nishimoro-gun

+81 984-42-4560(Takaharu-cho Tourism Association)

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