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A magnificent spot renowned as one of the most famous places in the clouds of Miyazaki. It is a legendary hill that the grandson of the Emperor Jinmu, the first Emperor of Japan, · Tatei Watts Nomikoto, was killed by Kyushu and was visiting the country.

The world from the altitude of 513 m is fantastic and you can see Aso’s Gogaku, Sobo Mountain Range, Takachiho Basin etc. The best time to see the sea of ​​clouds is from autumn to early winter, a beautiful world woven by nature that you can see for the first time when conditions such as weather are complete are a must-see.


Oshikata, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun

+81 982-73-1213(Takachiho Tourism Association)

Admission fee:

330 768 707*48