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Inohae Valley

Inohae Valley has around 20 waterfalls, but it’s most famous waterfall is the Gojyu-no-Taki (5 layer waterfall). This forest area in Kitago Town has been proven scientifically to have a “significant soothing effect on the body and mind” and is officially regcognized as a Forest Therapy Base.

The Inohae Valley Walking Course which runs along the valley is a 3km course one way. On this course you will cross 7 draw bridges and see 3 waterfalls, the Gojyu-no-taki, Hakiai-no-taki and Iwatsubo-no-taki.

1 hour walk or 15min by taxi from Kitago Station
By car: Miyazaki city → Miyazaki Highway IC → Noda IC → (Kitago Town) Inohae Keikoku Inohae-gawa Iriguchi Carpark (paved)

Inohae Valley

Kitagawachi, Kitago Town, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture

+81 987-31-1134(Nichinan City Tourist Information Center)

Closed days:

Admission fee:

274 794 772*10