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Aoshima is a small island with a perimeter of around 1.5km. On the island, you can enjoy subtropical plants of many different colors. Aoshima shrine is a prestigious shrine which is dedicated to gods of traffic safety, safe voyage, safe delivery at birth and matchmaking for couples. The shrine is also deeply connected with the mythology of Japan.

The shrine’s island is accessed by Yayoi bridge, which stretches out across the sea. Aoshima is a spot you must visit in Miyazaki.

It is loved by surfers from around the world, and is especially popular in the summer with the AOSHIMA BEACH PARK.


2-13-1, Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture(Aoshima Shrine)

+81 985-65-1262 (Aoshima Shrine)

Closed days:

Admission fee:

843 161 556*55