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The Myths of Japan:The Family Tree of Ugayafukiaezu

Ugayafukiaezu and his wife Tamayori have four sons. When they grow up, the youngest son takes his brothers on a quest to conquer all of Japan. They head eastward from Hyuga(present-day Miyazaki Prefecture), battling and defeating many enemies, until they reach a place in what is now Nara Prefecture. There the youngest son establishes a government and declares himselfEmperor Jimmu, the first ruler of Japan by divine right. Being descended from the sea god on his mother’s side and from the deities of the sky and mountain on his father’s side, he is destined to rule over all the earth. He is the first emperor in the traditional order of succession, which claims an unbroken line of rule from Jimmu to the present 126th Emperor.There are many Shinto sites enshrining or otherwise associated with Jimmu in Miyazaki. The most prominent of these is Miyazaki Shrine.