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Kagura Performers and the Stage, Takachiho Yokagura

Kagura Performers(Hosha)

In the Takachiho region, those who train and perform kagura are referred to as hosha. They often begin training when they are young, around elementary school age, and are instructed by a local kagura master. When they are not performing, hosha are members of the community with various professions.

In the past, basba roles were restricted to the eldest sons of important local families. This is because, in Japanese custom, eldest sons were often the inheritors of businesses and estates. Recently, however, there has been an increase in bosba from various backgrounds, including some performers who moved to the area from other regions.

Kagura Stage(Koniwa)

The koniwa is the sacred space where the kami deities are invited to descend on the night of a yokagura performance. No one except the basba performers may enter. Traditionally, the koniwa is established in the home of an elected host, so its location may change from year to year. Recently, some groups have begun using community centers.