Many delicious food in Miyazaki Pref.
Especially, Miyazaki-gyu is the
very famous beef in Japan.

  • Chicken Namban

    This is one of the famous dishes in Miyazaki. It’s first made in Miyazaki in 1960s. Deep-fried chicken, mixed with a dressing made from vinegar and eat with tartare sauce.

    Chicken Namban
  • Jidori-momoyaki

    Only Miyazaki jidori chickens are used for this meal. The chicken is salted, and then grilled over a charcoal flame,it is tender, juicy texture with a flavor.

  • Chirimenjako

    Small sardines caught at the Miyazaki coast, boiled, and then naturally sun-dried.

  • Ise ebi lobster

    A lot of Ise ebi lobster is caught in the Nichinan coast. Recommended to eat raw when it is fresh.

    Ise ebi lobster
  • Lettuce-maki (sushi roll)

    It is a Maki sushi roll. The sushi rice, shrimp, lettuce and mayonnaise are all wrap up with dried seaweed. It is another Miyazaki local dish.

    Lettuce-maki (sushi roll)
  • Obiten (Obi Tempura)

    Local food of Obi Castle Town (Nichinan City). It is made by deep-frying fish paste with soybean paste, brown sugar, and tofu.

    Obiten (Obi Tempura)
  • Hiyajiru (cold soup)

    Hiyajiru is a traditional Miyazaki food. Each family has original recipe and taste. General ingredients are cold miso soup with fish stock, tofu, and cucumber. Best matched when you pour on steamed rice.

    Hiyajiru (cold soup)
  • Cheese Manju

    This is Miyazaki confection. Cheese manju has sweet cream cheese wrapped in either Western-style cookie dough or a pie crust. It is produced recently and became one of the popular souvenirs in Miyazaki.

    Cheese Manju
  • Miyazaki Beef

    It is one of the best brand beef. Cattles raised and bred with great care to develop the highest quality of beef and crowned with the Miyazaki Beef brand name.

    Miyazaki Beef
  • Hyuganatsu Orange

    Hyuganatsu oranges, found only in Miyazaki. Unlike regular Japanese oranges, the thick white inner skin, as well as the fruit itself are both edible. It has a bittersweet taste.

    Hyuganatsu Orange
  • Shochu

    Shochu is a traditional hard liquor, that can be made from potato, buckwheat, wheat, or corn, and is very popular among the people of Miyazaki Prefecture.

  • Mango

    Miyazaki mangoes are picked once fully ripe so they are deliciously soft and sweet.




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