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Unveiling Miyazaki’s Hidden Lunch Spots

When exploring the streets of Miyazaki City, it’s worth knowing the local favorite spots frequented by the residents. We’ll introduce you to some of our favorite hidden gems and charming eateries beloved by locals that you won’t find in guidebooks or tourist brochures.

Oishii-Tei (おいしい亭)
In the center of Miyazaki City, the Wakakusa Street area is dotted with vintage shops, small independent restaurants, and cafes. Inside the Wakakusa Street Arcade and down a discreet alley, you’ll come across a small eatery with nostalgic lattice windows.

Oishii-Tei (おいしい亭) is a small cozy restaurant run by a friendly couple from Miyazaki. Since its opening in 1996, Oishii-tei has been offering delicious set meals day or night and has become an integral part of the local community.

When you open the door, you’re greeted by a cozy space with a wooden L-shaped counter, warm lighting, and the kind smile of the owners. The delicious aroma of cooking wafts from the kitchen as you sit at the counter. It’s a popular spot where many people have been coming for years, seeking a place to relax and forget about the daily hustle and bustle.

Their simple menu consists of five to six set meal options. Each set includes classic Japanese dishes like hamburger steak or chicken nanban with rice, miso soup, side dishes, and a cup of coffee after the meal.

“Our offering is simple home-cooked meals. There are no frills, but we strive to provide flavors that are kind to the body and the heart,” the owner Mrs. Hidaka says.

Over its 28-year history, there have been changes in clientele and the city’s atmosphere due to evolving trends and economic shifts. However, the restaurant’s core values and approach to serving customers and preparing dishes have remained unchanged.

Japanese-style hamburger steak set meal (和風ハンバーグ定食).
The lunch offers generous portions yet maintains a balance and is healthy.
The homemade miso soup and side dishes are also carefully and thoughtfully prepared.
The Ginger Pork Set Meal, featuring pork cooked in a sweet and savory homemade sauce,
is also exquisite. The crunchy cabbage, carefully hand-cut,
and the dressing made with locally sourced yuzu complement each other perfectly.
After the meal, take a moment to relax with a delicious cup of coffee.

“Often, someone who comes alone will return with someone they are close to, or people who happen to meet at our place may run into each other in town and chat on the street. It’s interesting how dining at this small counter often brings people together,” the owner Mrs.Hidaka says with a gentle smile.

Locals are always searching for hidden gems like Oishii-Tei and other retro-style cafes. Their inviting atmosphere and familiar dishes keep customers coming back again.

Please experience the enduring flavors and heartfelt hospitality at Oishii-Tei, where you can find comfort and warmth in every bite.

– Closed on Tuesdays
– Hours: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
– Cash only
– Walk-ins only; recommended for groups of one to two people

Butaman (ぶたまん)

Nestled in a vibrant nightlife district, along a quaint alleyway branching off from the bustling main street, stands Butaman, a cherished ramen shop with a bright yellow sign and eye-catching red decorations.

Since its establishment in 1946, Butaman has held a special place in the hearts of locals. Its founder who is the grandfather of the current owner, originally resided in Manchuria, now known as the three northeastern provinces of China. Upon relocating to Japan, he founded a restaurant in Miyazaki.

Now under the guidance of the third-generation owner, the grandson, Butaman continues to be a beloved fixture in the community. Its enduring popularity among locals and loyal patrons remains as strong as ever, preserving its legacy from generations past.

The interior exudes a nostalgic atmosphere with its predominant red color scheme.
At Butaman, families spanning generations have become regulars at the restaurant, from parents to their children and beyond. For the convenience of even the youngest diners,
some seats have tatami flooring along the walls.

Seventy-eight years ago, when dumplings were not yet popular in Miyazaki, Butaman already had “gyōzu”(餃子) as their signature item on the menu.

In Japan, dumplings are typically pronounced and written as “gyōza.” However, the original owner named them “gyōzu” to mirror the original Chinese pronunciation. This unique name has endured ever since.

Pan-fried gyōzu (焼ギョーズ).

The interesting feature of Butaman’s “gyōzu” isn’t just the name. Unlike typical Japanese pan-fried gyoza, the garlic is used sparingly as a subtle flavor enhancer. They follow traditional Chinese gyoza recipes and use high-quality “Miyazaki Brand Pork,” known for its rich umami flavor. When many other places opt for regular cabbage, they choose Chinese cabbage, as it avoids becoming overly sweet. Another interesting touch is mixing scrambled eggs into the filling.

In addition to pan-fried and boiled dumplings, they serve ramen with a rich broth made from pork bone and chicken, along with a popular wonton soup containing fluffy eggs and flavorful dumplings.

The wonton soup boasts a gentle yet rich broth, beautifully intertwined with egg for a silky texture.
The pork-infused wontons add a delightful savory touch!

During the summer (mid-May to mid-October), they serve a seasonal favorite: chilled noodles with seafood and chicken broth. If you visit Miyazaki during this period, be sure to give it a try!

– Closed on Tuesdays
– Hours: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-21:00 (20:40 LO)
– Cash and QR code payments are accepted.
– Walk-ins only

Tonkatsu MINE (とんかつ峯)

Tonkatsu MINE is a specialty tonkatsu restaurant beloved by people of all ages in Miyazaki’s local community, bustling with families, office workers, young couples, and the elderly during lunchtime.

At Tonkatsu MINE, you can indulge in the finest tonkatsu, where the highest quality pork is expertly aged to bring out its natural sweetness and rich flavor. They use high-quality pork known as “Miyazaki Brand Pork,” sourced from producers who adhere to Miyazaki’s stringent safety and quality standards. Their distinctive approach involves carefully aging fresh, never-frozen meat using their unique methods to enhance the umami of the pork, guaranteeing a delightful dining experience.

At Tonkatsu MINE Miyazaki Ekimae Branch (宮崎駅前店), you are welcomed by a warm interior featuring wood tones and a modern Japanese aesthetic.
The seating consists entirely of horigotatsu (掘り炬燵), with hollow floors under the tables for a more relaxing and comfortable experience.
To lock in the aged meat’s flavor and juices, the tonkatsu meat is fried slowly
at a lower temperature than usual.

Tonkatsu is a beloved Japanese dish often enjoyed as a home-cooked meal. However, when people crave perfectly crispy and juicy tonkatsu, many prefer to visit a specialty restaurant.

“I believe eating delicious tonkatsu can be a memorable experience for customers looking to dine out on a special occasion. We want our customers to leave feeling fully satisfied after eating to their heart’s content,” says Mr. Norimine, the general manager of Tonkatsu MINE.

Tonkatsu MINE has continued to offer unlimited refills of rice, miso soup, pickles, and cabbage with your set meal. Additionally, they have invested efforts in developing their homemade tonkatsu sauce, miso, dressings, and more. They consistently strive to innovate by introducing various seasonal menu items. This unwavering commitment to creativity is surely one of the secrets to their popularity among locals.

Their signature menu “Supreme Fatty Loin Cutlet Set” (極上とろロースかつ膳) features a precious cut taken from only four or five pieces from a single loin, incorporating both lean meat and fat.
First, try it without anything added.
The richness and natural sweetness of the pork will spread throughout your mouth.
Second, sprinkle with coarse salt or dip it in a mixture of ground sesame and our special tonkatsu sauce. Enjoy the exquisite tonkatsu in various ways!
Miso soup can be changed to “hiyashiru,” (冷や汁) a local Miyazaki dish.
This chilled miso soup, flavored with whitebait broth and combined with rice,
is especially refreshing and recommended during the hot season.

On your next trip to Miyazaki, experience authentic tonkatsu made with the finest aged pork.

Tonkatsu MINE operates four locations across the prefecture. Miyazaki Ekimae Branch (宮崎駅前店) and Takachiho-dori Depart-mae Branch (高千穂通デパート前店) are located in downtown Miyazaki City, and both are accessible from GRUPPI stops.

– Open every day
– Hours: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM
– Cash, credit cards, QR payments accepted

Please call the following phone numbers to make a reservation:
Miyazaki Ekimae Branch: 0985893911
Takachiho-dori Depart-mae Branch: 0985894200

For more information, visit their website below.

Kushikatsu Kasuga (串かつ春日) Hiroshima Street

When you are looking for a late lunch or a snack while exploring the city, visit Kushikatsu Kasuga (串カツ春日) on Hiroshima Street.

Celebrating its 16th year in operation this year, Kushikatsu Kasuga is a renowned kushikatsu (skewered cutlet) specialty restaurant with enthusiastic support from locals. The skewered cutlets made with local-grown ingredients and fried in a thin crispy coating, are renowned for their light, easy-to-eat taste, earning praise as dishes you’ll crave more with every bite.

The expansive interior, with ample space from front to back, features seating options
including zashiki (traditional Japanese-style seating), tables, and counter seats.
Whether dining alone or in a group, it’s a comfortable place for all to enjoy.

The top favorite here is the “Miyazaki Brand Kushikatsu Set (宮崎ブランド串カツセット),” featuring premium skewered cutlets made with A4-grade Miyazaki beef, Kannon-ike pork (観音池ポーク), known for its juicy tenderness and lack of odor, and Sadowara eggplant (佐土原なす), renowned for its delicate sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Additionally, there are many other assorted set menus, including the “Creative Kushikatsu Set” and the “Seafood Skewer Set.” You can always add as many skewers as you like from a selection of over thirty different options.

Open from 2 PM to 11 PM on weekends, they offer a variety of alcoholic beverages.
Enjoy a day drinking with the delicious Miyazaki Brand Kushikatsu Set!
Dip each skewer in their homemade broth sauce—a perfect blend of refreshing saltiness and the sweetness of vegetables that will keep you coming back for more.
Remember, it’s kushikatsu etiquette to dip just once—no double-dipping allowed!
Creative Kushikatsu Set (創作串カツセット) is a popular item known for its vibrant presentation
and unique sauces, miso, and toppings specially crafted for each skewer.
It’s so delicious, you won’t need to use any sauce!
Their Menchi Katsu (メンチカツ), a breaded and deep-fried ground meat patty, is a must-try!
As soon as you take a bite, the savory juices burst forth. Their homemade mushroom sauce,
seasoned as a secret ingredient, enhances the flavor of the Kannon-ike pork with its delightful aroma.

Why not stop by while exploring the city and treat yourself to some authentic kushikatsu made with Miyazaki’s finest ingredients?

– Closed on Mondays
– Hours: Tuesday to Friday 5 PM to 11 PM, Saturday and Sunday 2 PM to 11 PM
– Reservations can be made by phone at 0985297005 or through the link below on Hot Pepper.
– Orders can be placed verbally or via QR code.
– Credit cards, electronic money, and QR code payments are accepted.

For exploring the city, it’s convenient to utilize the “GRUPPI” bus that connects Miyazaki Station with downtown. The cute yellow or orange GRUPPI buses circulate the city center at intervals of about 12 minutes starting around 10:30 AM. You can hop on board for just 100 yen per ride, payable in cash or with a transportation IC card. Be sure to make the most of it!

For detailed information about boarding locations and schedules, please check the following website: