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The Memorable Wave Riding Day

Miyazaki is often called a “surfing paradise” by surfers from all over the world. Plenty of surfing spots can be found along the coast of Miyazaki. Each surfing spot has different high-quality waves. Surfers pick which waves to ride depending on their level and the wave condition of the day. Thanks to Miyazaki’s warm climate, tourists can enjoy the waves all year long.

The ISA World Surfing Games presented by VANS was held at Kisakihama (木崎浜) in Miyazaki City 2019. 240 surfers from 55 countries joined this championship. The Surfing Games livened up Miyazaki’s surfing culture and made the sport more popular.

Aoshima Beach (青島ビーチ) is the perfect place for beginners to enjoy their first ride safely. 
Waves are more mellow than other surfing spots and the Miyazaki City Aoshima Beach Center offers surfing lessons provided by local instructors. For tourists who want to have their first surfing experience while visiting Aoshima, this is an excellent place to start.

Miyazaki City Aoshima Beach Center

Miyazaki City Aoshima Beach Center provides a variety of marine activities such as surfing, supping, and sea kayaking. You can call the office in advance to register for a lesson (the information is included at the bottom of this page) or register on the spot at the office. 
Renting a surfboard, wet suits, towels, shower service, and accident insurance are included in the 1-hour lesson fee (¥5,000 for adults, ¥2,500 for children). You are welcome to bring your swimsuit or rent one from the office. It’s recommended that you bring your beach sandals, a change of clothes, and sports drinks to stay hydrated under Miyazaki’s strong sunlight.

Lessons for beginners will be in the shallow area where it is easy for an adult to stand. For children or those who want to feel extra safe, you can always ask for a life jacket at the office.

Fill out the form to register and make a payment at the office (cash only).
Changing rooms and shower rooms are beside the office.
Get changed and be ready for fun marine activity!

Instructors will help you choose a surfing board depending on your level and your body size. To help first-time surfers keep their balance, the instructors will often use stand up paddleboards (SUP) instead of surfboards. Stand up paddleboards are wider and thicker than regular surfboards.

The lesson will start on the beach and the instructors will teach the correct posture to use while standing on the paddleboard. Finding your balance is the trickiest part!

Learning how to turn the board.
Practicing to stand and balance on the board.

The instructors are friendly and happy to support you during the entire 1-hour surf lesson. They will provide assistance by pushing the board when the right wave comes and tell you when to start paddling. Once you get a hang of it, you can try to read the waves and start paddling on your own!

Balancing on the board needs concentration…
“Even falling is fun! We were able to stand on the board after trying many times.”
“Great job!” Praising each other for their efforts.
Capturing the memory with the beautiful Aoshima island in the background.

After the lesson, there’s a chance to enjoy Miyazaki’s laid-back lifestyle at Aoshima Beach Park. There are some cafes and restaurants nearby as well as spacious wooden benches in the park that are open to anyone. People often take breaks here after checking out the cool attractions around Aoshima. 

Aoshima Beach Park.
Cooling down with a refreshing drink after surfing.

You can greet the god of matchmaking at Aoshima Shrine (青島神社) while you are in the area. Across from Aoshima Beach Park, there is a little green island beyond the bridge called “Aoshima Island.” (青島) As described in the Aoshima Shrine’s official webpage, Aoshima Island was formed by the accumulation of seashells when the seabed rose 7 million years ago. The whole Island is surrounded by tropical trees and curiously shaped rocks called Oni no Sentakuita (鬼の洗濯板) along the seashore. Aoshima Shrine is located in the middle of the island. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

After crossing the bridge, you will see the red gate of Aoshima Shrine.
The path leading to the main shrine.
Worshipping at Aoshima Shrine to conclude the memorable day.

Miyazaki City Aoshima Beach Center
Call to book a surfing lesson: 0985-65-1055
For more information about other activities, please visit the website below: