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The Fun-Filled Strawberry Picking Day

In recent years, Japanese fruits have garnered the attention of frutarians from around the globe. Japanese fruits are known for their diversity and exceptional quality. Miyazaki is rich in various premium fruits such as mangoes, kumquats, lychees, strawberries, and grapes. The region of Hyūga is famous for hyuganatsu and hebesu. All of these types of fruit are cultivated on farms across the prefecture, tantalizing the taste buds of tourists from across the world.

Let’s introduce a fun-filled activity for fruit lovers who wish to indulge in freshly harvested fruits from local farms in their most delicious state to their heart’s content.

At Hinata Strawberry Farm (ひなたいちご園), you can enjoy strawberry picking from January to May every year. Visitors are permitted to pick in as many sweet and juicy strawberries as they want!

Just a five-minute taxi ride from Miyazaki Airport, nestled in a serene and beautiful countryside setting, lies a cluster of vinyl greenhouses where delicious strawberries are grown.

You’ll know it by the bright red signs with strawberry designs.
The moment you step inside, you are greeted by the sweet aroma of strawberries wafting through the air. 
Let’s start by checking in and paying at the counter near the entrance. The staff will kindly teach you how to identify and pick the delicious strawberries.

Now, it’s time to start picking strawberries. You can pick and eat as many strawberries as you like for 45 minutes. 

Each aisle is marked with signs detailing the characteristics and flavors of the different strawberry varieties. Let’s try tasting and comparing various strawberries!
Let’s pursue the strawberries and look for ones that are ripe and ready to eat! Search for the strawberries with red-colored tops extending to the stem, where the stem bends upwards.
Now, gently cradle the strawberry in your hand, then pinch the stem between your index and middle fingers, and twist downward to pull it off.

At Hinata Ichigo Farm, farmers carefully grow strawberries inside vinyl greenhouses, receiving diligent care and attention.

To maintain the optimal environment for strawberries, farmers meticulously perform tasks such as disease prevention, temperature and humidity control, and selecting adequate fertilizers. Farmers carefully supervise the development of the strawberries over thirteen months, from when they are seeds to when they are ready to harvest.

In addition, they actively incorporate organic farming methods and utilize a unique approach to ensure delicious and safe strawberry cultivation. Using fertilizers such as fish, kombu, bonito flakes, rice bran, and seaweeds, they can enrich the soil. They also monitor the sweetness of strawberries. The average sugar content is fifteen degrees or higher with some reaching sugar levels exceeding twenty-two degrees.

Unlike bananas, apples, and peaches, which continue to ripen after harvest, strawberries are non-climacteric fruits. This means that the moment they are separated from their stems is when they are at their best flavor.

Freshly picked strawberries are glossy and have a delightful aroma.
“Mmm… this is unbelievably sweet and juicy!” The sweet aroma of strawberries and their abundant juice fill your mouth.

After enjoying strawberry picking, you can take a break at the cafe where you can try adorable sweets and drinks made with freshly delivered strawberries from Hinata Strawberry Farm.

COICH CAFE is only a three-minute drive from the strawberry farm.
The cafe is bright and spacious. You’ll find plenty of charming decor by the wall.
Strawberry Parfait is a must-try item at COICH CAFE.
Dipping your spoon in a parfait made with an abundance of fresh strawberries is an exclusive experience offered by COICH CAFE, directly sourced from the strawberry farm.
Another popular item is the waffle with plenty of fresh strawberries served with a rich vanilla ice cream topped with a sweet and tangy strawberry sauce.

When visiting Miyazaki, consider exploring the local farms and farm-to-table cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a delightful and fun fruit-picking experience!

For more information about Hinata Ichigo Farm and COICH CAFE, please check their websites and Instagram. Please make sure to reserve for strawberry picking on their website before visiting.

Hinata Ichigo Farm:

In addition to Hinata Strawberry Farm, there are more strawberry-picking spots across the prefecture, as well as various fruit-picking opportunities such as Miyazaki’s specialty citrus fruit Hyuganatsu picking, grape picking, and pear picking. Please check them out!

Minami Ichigo Nouen (南いちご農園) – Nichinan City
At Minami Ichigo Nouen in Kitago Town, Nichinan City, they cultivate strawberries using locally sourced bacteria for soil preparation and water from the surrounding mountains. The strawberries grown in this region, known for their long winter daylight hours and significant temperature fluctuations between day and night, are known for their sweetness!

All-You-Can-Eat Plan: Pick and eat various breeds of strawberries for 60 minutes.
Pick-and-Go Plan: Pick strawberries to take home.
All-You-Can-Eat & Takeout Set Plan: Pick and eat strawberries for 60 minutes and take some home afterward.

Please make a reservation here:
Call 0987552600 for groups larger than ten.
Visit here for more information about Minami Ichigo Nouen:

SEN’s Berry Farm – Ebino City
You can enjoy freshly picked strawberries at SEN’s Berry Farm in Ebino City, primarily the juicy “Saga Honoka,” known for its mild acidity and rich sweetness. Preschool-aged children can enter for free, making it a recommended spot for families with young children. To ensure a delightful experience without getting tired, condensed milk for dipping strawberries is also available on-site.

・40-minute all-you-can-eat plan
・Takeout available sold by weight

Please visit the webpage below or message through SEN’s Berry Farm’s official LINE account to make a reservation.
Reservation page:

Taguchi Family Farm (田口ファミリーファーム) – Nobeoka City
Taguchi Family Farm utilizes the slopes of the mountains in Kitakata, Nobeoka City, to cultivate a variety of fruits including grapes, peaches, persimmons, kumquats, and strawberries. Visitors to the farm can enjoy strawberry picking from January to May and grape picking from August to early September. Only a five-minute drive from the farm is “Kitakata Yocchimiroya,” the roadside station, where visitors can purchase fresh fruits, dried fruits, jam, soft-serve ice cream, crepes, and other treats made from the farm’s harvested produce.

Please make a reservation here:
Call 0982473166 for groups larger than ten.
For more information, visit Taguchi Family Farm’s official website:

Onitsuka Nouen (おにつか農園) – Kushima City
From December to May, you can enjoy strawberry picking, while from February to March, you can experience picking Miyazaki’s specialty citrus fruit Hyuganatsu. Within the premises, there is a small petting zoo where you can interact with animals such as ponies, goats, and rabbits, making it a great recommendation for families.

Strawberry picking is only offered through a pick-and-pay system, with no all-you-can-eat option available. Hyuganatsu picking is available for sale at 150 yen per fruit.

Strawberry picking does not require reservations. For groups larger than ten, please call in advance. Hyuganatsu picking is available until supplies last. Please inquire in advance to confirm availability.

Please contact at 08052152140

Multiple farms – Kobayashi City
Kobayashi City is known for its thriving fruit agriculture. Due to the number of farms, there’s a chance to pick fruit in every season!

Grapes: Early August to late September
Pears: Early August to late October
Apples: Early August to late November
Chestnuts: Early September to mid-October
Strawberries: Early December to late May
Blueberries: Early July to mid-August

For a comprehensive list of fruit farms in Kobayashi, please see the link down below.