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Stay in the Town of Gods

If you are planning a long-term-stay in Miyazaki or seeking an extraordinary experience in nature, there is a place in Takaharu where you should visit on your next trip. There, you can experience exciting activities in nature while staying at a log-cabin-style housing in the mountainside of Miyazaki.

Takaharu town (高原町) is located at the foot of Mt.Takachiho, which is the main peak of Kirishima mountain range. Takaharu is known as “the home of the gods”. The stories of Tenson Korin (the descent to earthof thegrandsonof thesun goddess) have been handed down to the local people in Takaharu for hundreds of years.

Miike (御池) is the deepest crater lake in Japan located in the Kirishima-Kinkōwan National Park. The lake was formed about 4,600 years ago when the water flowed into the crater due to a massive volcanic eruption. In the park, there is The Miike Wild Bird Forest where you can observe over 150 kinds of beautiful wild birds throughout the year. Some of the birds can be seen only in limited seasons. A lot of birdwatchers visit the forest to explore the ecology of the wild birds. 

The view of Lake Miike from the viewing platform.
Miike Camp Village management office.

Miike Camp Village (奥霧島御池キャンプ村) rests on the calm shores of Lake Miike. Booking cottages or bungalows is available by calling or sending an e-mail (information is at the bottom of this page). Payment is available online or at the management office by cash, credit cards, or PayPay when you visit. 

Ask a staff member to get a map at the management office. Renting camping equipment is also available here.
Charming bird calls echo here and there.

There are two types of logging at Miike Camp Village. One is a cottage type. A bath, restroom, and a kitchen are furnished on the first floor. A tatami room is on the second floor. The second type is the raised-floor-style bungalow. It is a great option for those who wish for something more simple. The bungalow comes with a bed, desk and chair.  Each cottage has a maximum number of guests that can stay inside. Up to ten people can stay at a cottage and up to four people can stay in a bungalow. 

Bringing your own tents or tarps is another option. Setting up tents or tarps needs to be booked in advance on the website NAPPU (なっぷ). There are public restrooms and shower rooms which include wheelchair-friendly facilities in the camping area. There are a laundromat and cookhouses around the area as well.

There are 9 cottages in the camping area.
2 of them have a wider bathroom and a shower room for wheelchair access.
A cozy living room filled with a refreshing wood smell.
Japanese tatami mats and the beautiful nature views will heal guests from the weariness of travel.
A raised-floor-style bungalow.
Inside the bungalow. You may feel as if you were in a tree-house.

While staying at the Miike Camp Village, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy such as mountain climbing, wild bird watching, water activities on the lake, campfire, and visiting shrines.  

Visiting legendary places that are associated with Japanese mythology is also a great thing to do when you visit. Oujiminato (皇子港), the harbor located the opposite shore of the camping area, is well known as a place where the Japan’s first emperor ”Emperor Jimmu” (神武天皇) played in his childhood. There are a variety of water activities you can enjoy here, such as  supping, kayaking, fishing, and riding a boat. 

Kirishima Higashi Shrine (霧島東神社) and Sano Shrine (狭野神社) are also known as places that are deeply connected to “The Kojiki,” which is the oldest record book of Japanese histories. Plenty of myths and legends are recorded in the Kojiki and some of the places around Miike are mentioned in the stories. A lot of tourists visit these places every year to feel the mystic power of the great gods of Japan.

Miike’s Nessie “Missie” foot rowing boats at Oujiminato.
Kirishima Higashi Shrine (霧島東神社).
Sano Shrine (狭野神社)
National nature treasure Sano Cedar trees are more than 400 years old.

At Miike Camp Village, wireless internet is all around the area for those who wish to work online while being surrounded by nature. You can comfortably work indoors or outdoors, no matter where you are in the area. When working outdoors, you can rent portable power, foldable tables and chairs at the management office. 

Find your own favorite spot to work.

You can also rent a spacious multi-purpose hall facing the lake for workshops, meetings and  events. The exquisite songs of wild birds echo between the trees, and the forests reflect magically on the water as if there was a giant piece of mirror. The breathtaking panoramic views from the windows will definitely inspire you.

The multi-purpose hall by the lake.
White boards, foldable tables, chairs, a screen and a projector are available for rent.

There are many more places where you can work and fully enjoy a vacation in Miyazaki. Please read these resources below for more information.

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