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Sports in Paradise, Sport Land Miyazaki

Miyazaki is known for its natural beauty and food but above all of these, it’s known for its surfing, outdoor sports and as a destination where professional sporting teams hold training camps.

Why is it such a popular spot for surfing and sports? Because it’s one of the sunniest most temperate spots in Japan. Even in winter, the coastal areas rarely see any snow which means outdoor sports can be enjoyed all year round in comfort.

Surfing is a huge part of Miyazaki Culture and on the weekends, you can see many people hitting the surf even during the winter months. Hyuga City which is situated in the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture is known for its steady waves and Okura-Gahama Beach is where the Junior Surfing World Championships is held. Okura-Gahama Beach is a surf spot loved by locals and visiting surfers alike.

Aoshima Beach, which is to the south of Miyazaki City is also a well-known beach for surfing but there are also many other marine sports that can be enjoyed here. Such as SUP (Standup Paddle Boarding) and Scuba Diving. If you’re not into getting wet, then you can even opt for some Yoga while soaking in the sunshine and natural beauty of Aoshima. The fact that the beach isn’t over-populated is another great feature. You can take in the sea breeze, sunshine and enjoy a slow day on the beach at your own pace.

If marine sports aren’t your cup of tea, why not enjoy the weather and nature of Miyazaki while tackling one of the many Golf Courses or Park Golf Courses in the area. There is a wide range of golf clubs throughout Miyazaki Prefecture from casual public courses to famous golf clubs which play host to the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament. The contrast of the blue sky and green grass is perfect and a chance not to be missed by any golf enthusiast.

However, if you don’t have enough time to enjoy a day of outdoor sports, or you just want to get a quick shot of exercise, simply jogging along one of the many rivers or beaches is a great way see the natural beauty that Miyazaki is famous for.

Miyazaki also plays host to a wide variety of professional sports team, who hold training camps here before heading off to compete in tournaments or their regular season. Teams from the Nippon Professional Baseball League and teams from the J1 Professional Football League hold their offseason camps here annually. With the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Japan in 2019, the England National Team will be holding their pre-tournament camp here in Miyazaki also. There aren’t many places where you can get up and close to professional athletes of this caliber, so if you find yourself in Miyazaki during the camp season, be sure to head on down and check out a game or practice session.

A place full of nature, culture and good food. But not only this, a place where you can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and experience top-level sports up close. If you are looking to take things at your own pace, relax and enjoy some outdoor sports then Miyazaki is the perfect place for you!

Written by En Miyazaki writer

This article was written in Spetember 2018.
Some photos used in this article were taken at an earlier date.