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Miyazaki’s Signature Luxury Experiences

Are you looking for a luxury experience in Miyazaki?

In this guide, we’ll cover the best and most exclusive luxury accommodations and experiences in Miyazaki. Without further ado, let’s begin our journey in Miyazaki and discover new luxury experiences along the way.

Japanese Cuisine Cooking Session – Akagawa (和み処あか川)
If you’ve ever wanted to learn authentic ways of making Japanese cuisine, you can participate in a private cooking session at Akagawa (和み処あか川), a Japanese restaurant located in Miyazaki City. Let’s explore the basics of Japanese cooking, understanding its principles and techniques, all while delving into the rich culture of Japanese cuisine.

First, the master will teach you how to make dashi. Dashi (出汁) is a broth or stock employed as a foundation in many Japanese dishes to enhance their flavor. Typically, dashi is made by simmering ingredients such as bonito flakes (dried skipjack tuna), kombu (dried kelp), dried fish, or dried mushrooms in water.

Fresh ingredients in season are selected from all over Japan by the master of Akagawa.
Place the kombu in hot water at 70℃ to extract its flavor.
Remove the kombu and bring the soup to a boil again. Next, add bonito flakes to the soup.
“… I’m at a loss for words. It’s so delicious.” The delicate umami created by the combination of bonito flakes and kombu leaves draws a reaction from the cooking class student.

After preparing the dashi as a base, we will prepare other dishes.

Skewering the head of the snapper to keep it from breaking apart while grilling.
Place rice soaked in water for 30 minutes. Add dashi and grilled fish in a clay pot. Now, it’s ready to cook. When it’s done, we will have finished makingTakikomi Gohan (炊き込みご飯) (Japanese seasoned mixed rice).

In Japanese culinary traditions, “shun” (旬) is highly valued. “Shun” (旬) is the best season of the ingredients. Chefs prepare dishes using ingredients that are in season to enhance their taste and quality. Discovering which ingredients are the freshest and most flavorful in each season is also one of the joys of understanding Japanese food culture.

Mustard plants are the typical winter-spring garnish of Japanese cuisine.
Rice is ready! As soon as you lift the lid, the pleasant scent of dashi and fish fills the air.
Arrange the dishes on the plate carefully.
The final product: Simmered flounder and vegetables with sauce, seasoned mixed rice with snapper, clear dashi soup with clams, and grilled barracuda. Now, we’re finished cooking!
“I can taste the delicate umami of dashi in every dish.”
Having a good time talking to the chef while having a delicious lunch.

After the private cooking session, you have the opportunity to enjoy your meal wearing a kimono, which is a traditional Japanese garment, provided by Kimono Rental Sawada (きものレンタル さわ田).

After the cooking session, you can walk around downtown in Miyazaki City while still wearing it.

To book a cooking session and kimono dressing experience, contact at
*Fee is 100,000 yen or more.
*Maximum capacity is three people for the cooking session.

Luxury Ryokan Experience – Ryokan SHINSEN (旅館神仙)

If you are looking to have a truly unforgettable experience and wish to stay in a Japanese inn, then look no further than Takachiho town.

Ryokan SHINSEN (旅館神仙)

Ryokan SHINSEN, located in the heart of Takachiho Town, is a luxury ryokan (Traditional Japanese-style inn) that has been in service for over fifty years.

Ryokan SHINSEN offers private rooms and services for each guest. Each guest room has a unique theme and is equipped with their own private bath. There are fourteen exclusive dining rooms that each have their own design. Rooms are assigned based on how many guests are included in the reservation. Every visit allows you to appreciate the diverse meals, the ambiance of the dining areas, and the beautiful views of the Japanese garden. There are vegetarian and vegan options for the meals. Please let them know before visiting.

The guest room Manyo Tsukuyomi (万葉・月詠).
The guest room Tachibana Toyotama (橘・豊玉).
You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Japanese garden while relaxing in the private bath.
The delicate artwork on the dining room’s ceiling at Houou Den (鳳凰殿).
Please enjoy a variety of beautiful artworks in each dining room.
During your stay, you can wear a yukata (a traditional Japanese garment often worn in the summer season. ) for strolling around Takachiho town or relishing meals while wearing it. Please ask the staff when you wish to try it on.

At Ryokan SHINSEN, you can experience the famous “omotenashi” of traditional Japanese ryokan. “Omotenashi” is a Japanese term often translated to “hospitality” in English, however, it expands beyond delivering good customer service. “Omotenashi” involves a deep sense of care, politeness, and attention to detail where hosts aim to anticipate and meet guests’ needs even before they are articulated.

“Impressing customers goes beyond great ambiance and cuisine. It requires the addition of thoughtfulness for a meaningful impact,” Ryokan SHINSEN’s president, Mr. Sato says. Please enjoy the first-class omotenashi unique to Ryokan SHINSEN.

You can call or visit their website to reserve a room.
Phone Number: 0982722257

Private Night Stay in a Mountain – Rental Mountain YAMA

In Nichinan City, you can rent an entire mountain area for an exclusive lodging experience in complete privacy.

Rental Mountain YAMA is a luxury accommodation designed to embody the ambiance of a resort villa. This private lodge boasts several spaces for indulging in sophisticated and leisurely experiences, such as. a spacious open-concept kitchen; Scandinavian-style furnishings; a chic living room with a fireplace; two bedrooms that carry a strong scent of wood; a cabana that doubles as an outdoor standing bar; and a large open space with a wooden deck that can accommodate a large number of people.

Guests may also use amenities such as hammocks, BBQ facilities, outdoor baths, Tarzan ropes, and more. You can fully enjoy the exclusivity of luxury that comes with being on the summit of a mountain.

*Fee is 80,000 yen per night
*Reservation is available at Airbnb website:


Opting for helicopter travel is highly recommended for those who seek a fast and comfortable journey through the air. Customized to individual preferences, you can travel comfortably and gracefully over long distances, savoring the rich natural landscapes of Miyazaki from above during the journey.

To book a ride, please provide the following information for all passengers and email
-Emergency contact information (It could be an overseas phone number)

*Maximum capacity is four people (Up to 136kg per person)
*Fee: 250,000 yen and more per hour (Price to be discussed case by case).
*Please contact us about 2 weeks in advance for reservations.
*The operating duration is generally around three continuous hours and may vary depending on the total weight of passengers.
*For information about precautions, please check out the official website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism:001470791.pdf

Miyazaki’s Brand Beef – Miyachiku (ミヤチク)
When in Miyazaki, it’s a must to savor Miyazaki beef, renowned as Japan’s finest wagyu.

Miyazaki beef has consistently received the Prime Minister Award at the “Wagyu Olympics,” a nationwide competition that gathers exceptional cattle from across the country. This accolade has been bestowed upon Miyazaki beef for four consecutive competitions, drawing attention from around the world.

At Restaurant Miyachiku, you can savor the premium quality of Miyazaki beef. You can witness the grilling of Japanese beef, with a meat quality grade of four or higher, raised in Miyazaki, right before your eyes on the hotplate. Enjoy the rich umami and the tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture of Miyazaki beef.

At some restaurants, the seating is divided into two styles: BBQ-style seating where guests grill their own meat, and chef-grilled hotplate seating. Please let them know your preferred seating style when making a reservation. Larger groups are also welcome. Kindly make early reservations to secure your booking.

Make a reservation online:
Direct sales stores in Miyazaki:
Online store

Seafood course dishes – Kitaura Zenryomaru (善漁。)

For those who want to delve into the depth of Japan’s culinary world, it is recommended to visit Zenryomaru, a Japanese restaurant in Kitaura Town, Nobeoka City.

“For someone like me who grew up in a fisherman’s household, catching and cooking fish ourselves is just a natural thing. For us, ingredients are like gods. And in terms of cooking, the true essence should lie in the ingredients themselves. We don’t make them into anything fancy. We simply strive to provide the blessings of nature, the ingredients, in their most authentic form,” says the owner of Zenryomaru.

Zenryomaru provides an omakase (chef’s choice) course using ingredients acquired on that same day. Every meal is like a surprise. Enjoy exploring the culinary journey by engaging in a profound dialogue with the ingredients right in front of you.

To make a reservation, call 0982310051

Organic Food and Wines in Aya Town- Yakuzen Sabou Organic Gouda (薬膳茶房オーガニックごうだ) and KATSUKI WINES (香月ワインズ)

Aya town (綾町) is located east of Miyazaki City and is known as a nature-rich town boasting one of Japan’s largest areas of deciduous forests. Aya Town was registered as a UNESCO Eco-Park in 2012 and has been recognized as a rare community actively promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Its initiatives in organic farming and projects to preserve deciduous forests have garnered high praise globally.

Yakuzen Sabou Organic Gouda (薬膳茶房オーガニックごうだ)

Yakuzen Sabou Organic Gouda is a restaurant that offers health-conscious herbal cuisine to promote well-being through its meals. Yakuzen Sabou Organic Gouda proposes a healthy diet inspired by the traditional Japanese idea of “Gomi Chowa” (五味調和), focusing on balancing five fundamental tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and bitter. The cuisine features a lot of fresh, organic vegetables harvested in Aya Town.

In addition, there are accommodation packages and a fasting program supported by a doctor’s guidance. The fasting program offers an opportunity to reset the intestinal environment through herbal cuisine. The rich nature of Aya Town and the delicious herbal cuisine will lighten your mind and body and encourage profound contemplation of your dietary habits and health.

*Reservation only. Please call to make a reservation two days in advance.
*Dinner is available for parties of five or more.

・Room Only: 6,500 yen + tax per night
・Including Breakfast: 9,000 yen + tax per night
・Including Two Meals: 12,000 yen + tax per night
*Please call to make a reservation two days in advance.

Fasting Program
・Two nights
・¥45,000 per person
・Availble from one person up to eight people.
*Only one group (or a person) is acceptable per night.
*Please call to make a reservation two months in advance.

Tel: 0985770045


KATSUKI WINES produces natural wines in Aya Town. No pesticides such as insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides are used in production. All manufacturing is done by hand, with a commitment to sustainable winemaking. Farming practices at KATSUKI WINES prioritize natural methods with minimal environmental impact, such as substituting vinegar or sake for pest control and relying on the naturally occurring wild yeast on the grapes for fermentation.

Crafted with 100% grapes nurtured in harmony with biodiversity, their natural wine boasts the distinct flavor of well-developed grapes, revealing a smooth and gentle quality that gradually permeates the body.

You can explore KATSUKI WINES’ original wine lineup, including AYATOPIA, crafted with “Kyoho” (巨峰) grapes known for their aromatic and juicy character. You can taste the wines at liquor stores or restaurants listed on the KATSUKI WINES website, or order online. Please experience unique flavors not found elsewhere during your stay in Miyazaki.