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Miyazaki Beef, The Top “Umami” Beef from Japan.

The 12th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu, also known as “The Wagyu Olympics”, was held in Kagoshima prefecture from October 6th to 10th in 2022. Hosted by the Wagyu Registry Association once every five years, the exhibition evaluates the Breed Improvement and Meat Quality of wagyu sent from each prefecture to distinguish and identify the very best wagyu in Japan. Breed Improvement is determined according to the seed bull’s proportions, appearance, condition of growth, and age in months. Meat Quality is determined according to the marbling, color, luster, firmness, texture, and the quality of fat in the beef.

The contender from Miyazaki was awarded 2 Top Honor Awards out of the 8 divisions in a competition of 41 of the 47 prefectures across Japan and 414 cattle. Furthermore, Miyazaki also won the Prime Minister award:a distinction introduced within the past few years that recognizes the best quality of fat in wagyu, making this year the fourth consecutive exhibition that Miyazaki beef has been awarded.

Following the results of their performance this year, the Miyazaki team has finally decided to tack under their original slogan, “Japan’s best efforts and preparations”.

In the past, this exhibition was held 11 times nationally, in 1966 in Okayama to more recently, 2017 in Miyagi.

One of the more general awards, The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries award, is given to the most excellent cattle according to rank.
Out of the Top Honor Award’s winners from seed bull division and beef cow division, one from each division receives the top-ranking honorary award, the “Prime Minister award”.
Group awards were given to all those prefectures that exhibited more than 5 divisions, and also received higher honor awards in all those divisions.

Amazing “Miyazaki Beef”

The most delicious beef in Japan! 
The fat quality of the meat was highly rated alongside its quantity and the quality, and that led us to win the Prime Minister award; the highest award in the beef cow division.

Experienced farmers and successors who would lead the next generation have made a great achievement! Kobayashi Shuho High School won the 2nd place in Japan in the high school and agricultural college division.

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Enjoy Japan’s No.1 Miyazaki beef!

This article was written in November 2022.
Some photos used in this article were taken at an earlier date.