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Revel in the Old Japan in Obi Town

Head south for another 40 minutes along the Nichinan coastline from Aoshima, you will discover a completely new side of Miyazaki. Obi, “The Kyushu’s little Kyoto”, is known as a castle town dominated by the Ito family, the feudal lord of Obi-Domain. The town prospered for 280 years from 1588 to the beginning of the Meiji period.
Here are some tips to fully enjoy exploring Obi town.

Obi Tourist Information Center

Before exploring through the streets of Obi, dressing up in a Japanese kimono would make your day more special. There are gorgeous kimonos for men and women provided at the tourist information center beside the parking area. (Be sure to make a reservation before going.)

There are a variety of kimonos and belts to choose from, each made with enchanting colors and patterns. To dress kimono traditionally and stylishly, it requires proper skills and experiences. There are proficient “Kitsukishi” who support the traditional ways of putting on your kimono.
You may also request for them to arrange and style your hair with various Japanese hair accessories to match your kimono. Then you would place valuables in a little Japanese hand basket, and now you are ready to enjoy your stroll through Obi town. You may also have some of your valuables kept safely at their office.

Choosing favorite Japanese hair accessories.
There are some chic male kimono options as well. (Colors and designs will change depending on the season.)

If this is your first trip to Obi town, it would definitely be a smart idea to purchase an “Ayumichan Map” at the information center before starting your walk through the town and visit 35 shops, galleries, cafes, and local restaurants. You will receive 5 vouchers attached to the map to exchange for free local confections or souvenirs by visiting those local places around the area. (800 yen/map). In addition, if you upgrade for 600 yen more, 4 main historical buildings will open for you to venture through.

While dressed and being part of the breathless sceneries, like the beautiful carp waterways, the stone walls surrounding the samurai residences and Japanese traditional houses make you feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period of Japan.

There are some gorgeous Japanese-style restaurants and cafes to stop by if you wish to take a little break from the stroll. Do not forget to visit local gift shops to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts.

“Katsuo Aburi Jyu”, the famous Nichinan torched bonito with rice.
A short break with “Mitarashi Dango”, the Japanese skewered rice dumpling in a sweet soy graze.
The general store deals in wooden products like ornaments, lanterns, cups and kid’s toys made from Obi cedar.

Place yourself through this amazing yet tranquil experience in Obi. This would certainly be one of the most unforgettable memories of your trip in Miyazaki.

To rental Kimono:
Please mention the following items and Email at
-Number of people
-Desired date & time
-height and weight

*Rental fee / ¥4,500 per person
*Maximum 5 people at one time

Places to stay:
-Akane-sasu Obi
-Nazuna Obi Onsen Resort
Event info:

This article was written in December 2022.
Some photos used in this article were taken at an earlier date.