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The Unique Glamping Experience in Miyazaki

Glamping has become one of the most trendy and exciting activities for travelers to Japan nowadays.

The term “Glamping” is coined from “glamorous” and “camping.” 

It literally means a glamorous style of camping where it involves accommodations and facilities for people to experience camping in a more comfortable and luxurious fashion than traditional camping.

In recent years, more and more attractive glamping places have opened in Miyazaki. Travelers looking to have unforgettable experiences in nature are interested in exploring more than bigger cities in Japan. Let’s explore one of the most unique glamping places in Miyazaki that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Cape Toi (都井岬), the southernmost region located inside the Nichinan-Coast Quasi National Park, is one of the few places where you can encounter wild horses. Once you enter the cape, you will find wild horses walking on the streets in groups, eating grass on the hillside in view of the ocean. The wild horses that live in this area are specifically called Misaki-Uma (御崎馬). They have been designated as one of Japan’s national treasures.


The new glamping accommodation TOIGLAM SOLASITA is located in the middle Nichinan-Coast Quasi National Park. What makes this beautiful hotel experience unique is that you can observe the wild horses in their natural habitat while enjoying camping.

There are 9 spacious dome tents in the area. Each tent has broad windows facing different directions. You can get spectacular views of the mountains and the sea depending on which tent you stay in. Each tent has a unique interior design that reflects the natural beauty of the wild horses’ abode.

You can look out over the mountains from the relaxing space.
Horse-themed dome tent decorated with lovely horse inferior goods.

One of the best things about glamping is that it is stress-free. Everything is prepared beforehand, so there is no need to worry about packing camping utensils, setting up a tent, or dealing with unexpected weather changes in this one-of-a-kind glamping experience. That saves a lot of time and energy, therefore you can focus more on enjoying activities around the area while staying at TOIGLAM SOLASITA.

All cooking equipment and eating utensils are provided for each tent as well as air conditioner and wireless internet. You can also rent a projector to watch a movie at night.
All the amenities are provided in the cabin right beside the tent. Shower room, bathroom, washing stand, BBQ grill, and a wooden dining table and chairs. There will be a sauna built in the next few months as well.

To complete your glamping experience in Miyazaki, doing BBQ with local ingredients would definitely be a great option. You can order assorted BBQ sets in advance on their website. Bringing your own food is also an option, so feel free to drop by a local supermarket on the way to Cape Toi.

The BBQ set menu available for order includes Miyazaki’s brand beef and pork that are freshly delivered from Kushima City’s “Horiguchi” supermarket.

Meeting wild horses surely will be the greatest pleasure of visiting Cape Toi. You can walk or drive around the park and enjoy the real life of wild horses. Wild horse guide tours are available with an English translation. Ask the staff at the administration office if you would like to know more about the ecology of wild horses. 

While exploring the wild horse habitat, showing respect for nature is extremely important. Horses can get easily spooked by things like car horns or being approached from behind. It is recommended that guests do not get too close to the horses, feed them, or touch them for their own safety.

Be sure to read and understand the rules of the accommodation on TOIGLAM SOLASITA’s website before visiting. 

Wild horses are often seen on a driveway. Wait kindly for them to go off the road.
March to August is the giving birth season. You may be able to see a foal if lucky.
Listen carefully to the sound of horses breathing, hooves hitting the ground, or munching grass.

When staying at Miyazaki’s Cape Toi, you can submerge yourself in the wild, magnificent scenery. Step foot in this tropical world where countless breathtaking landscapes are quietly sitting and waiting to be seen by you. 

The path which leads to Misaki Shinto Shrine (御崎神社).
Misaki Shinto Shrine
The view from Cape Toi Lighthouse.
Ishinami coast
TOIGLAM SOLASITA will be pre-opening from June 22nd to July 13th. There will be a grand-opening on July 14th.

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