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Aya cycling journey

In Miyazaki, a place full of beautiful nature, cycling is one of the most popular activities. Aya Miyazaki Cycling Road,dedicated for biking from the center of Miyazaki city to Aya town. The road continues along the Oyodo river and the Honjo river for 25.6km. Here is a guide to enjoy the cycling journey to Aya town.

Rent a bike at the rental store located downtown Miyazaki city. You can rent a bike on the spot  or book online in advance. There are 3 types of bike for you to rent at this store:city bikes, aluminum road bikes, and electric bikes. The pricing varies depending on the types of the bike, renting period, season, and the day of week. The road to Aya is a smooth and flat trail, you can choose the bike that suits your comfort getting there.

Bike rental store located downtown,”GIANT STORE MIYAZAKI”.
Variety of city bikes.

When you visit the store, fill a form to rent a bike. After finishing the forms and payment, they will adjust the saddle to fit your height and check each function of the bike for its safety. If you have any questions about the bike or how to ride it ask the store staff, they are all very knowledgeable. Helmet, lock and key, a mini bicycle pump and some other cycling accessories are also provided. Now you’re ready to go!

Head south along Tachibana street toward Miyazaki City Hall. Be sure to get something to drink while you are downtown, once you get on the cycling trail, it is not too easy to find convenience stores or vending machines. When you reach Miyazaki city hall, take the ramp down beside the riverbank.  Here begins your amazing journey to Aya town. This sign will pop up along the trail to keep you on track to Aya town.

The sign of “Aya Miyazaki Cycling Road”.
Refreshing views of Oyodo riverbank.
You will find a resting place and bathroom after biking about 12 km.

On the trail you will see the beautiful Honjō River flowing on your left , and the wide rice fields and cow farms on your right.The mountain horizon spreads out in front is absolutely breathtaking. As you continue your journey, take a moment to breathe in the clear air and listen to the breeze through the natural outdoors.

The green grass and the clouds drifting calmly in the blue sky.
Embracing the view from Morinaga Bridge.
When you see this huge stone by the road, you are almost at the goal.
Take a break with the magnificent mountain views.

When you arrive at Aya Tezukuri Honmono Center, you are now in the center of Aya town.
There is a supermarket inside that sells fresh vegetables and local specialty foods. There are also bathrooms and some tables and chairs outside to eat. This place can be the spot where you can always come back to take a break while exploring around Aya town.

Aya Tezukuri Honmono center

The Indigo Terminal is the composite facility that includes a burger store, souvenir store, and tourist information center, in front of the Honmono center. You can always rent a bike here if you want to start your cycling trip in Aya town instead of Miyazaki City. Ask the staff at “Indigo Burger” to get  information on how to rent a bike. Renting is available from 10am to 3pm. Bikes need to be returned by 5pm at this terminal.

An electric bike with a basket in front.
Ask them about renting bikes at “Indigo Burger”.
Before biking around the town, charge up with  their voluminous burger set, made with Aya’s local ingredients.

In Aya town, there are some places that provide bike stands for bikes with no kickstand. This is a  service provided by “Hinata Cyclist Yottene(Please stop by)” managed by Miyazaki cycling association, to support bikers in Miyazaki for a more comfortable experience.  At this cozy and lovely cafe, you will find a bike station placed outside near the big window, for bikers to look over the unattended bikes. The cafe also rents bike tools for free to service any small bike issues. There are more than 130 tourist spots that also provide this service in Miyazaki.

The cafe gallery with local handmade zakka “cafe & zakka nicol”.
Bike station placed at the wood deck.

After coming back from Aya town, return your bike and all the accessories by 6pm at the GIANT STORE MIYAZAKI.

When you visit Miyazaki, experience the unforgettable cycling journey with countless breathtaking views on the trails to Aya town.

For more information on renting bikes:

For details of rental plans and price: Contact
*Business hours 9am-7pm (Close on Wednesday)
*Be sure to bring your ID

Indigo Terminal
For details of rental plans and price: Contact
*Business hours 10am-3pm

This article was written in February 2023.
Some photos used in this article were taken at an earlier date.