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A Big Catch in Kushima

One of the best dynamic nature activities to enjoy while staying in Miyazaki is located in Kushima City. You can experience a real fisherman’s life by going on their boat.

Kushima City (串間市) is in the southernmost part of Miyazaki Prefecture. Coral reefs are clustered over 9 hectares in this part of the ocean. Cape Toi (都井岬)’s wild horses have lived there for over 300 years. Over a hundred wild monkeys live on the uninhabited island of Kojima (幸島). Rich and beautiful nature blends perfectly with human life in Kushima City.

The beautiful green land that juts out into the ocean like a bow is Cape Toi (都井岬), the region of wild horses. Kuroshio Current (黒潮), the north-flowing warm ocean current, flows towards the offshore of Cape Toi. This powerful current brings many different types of fish every year. Fishermen go offshore early in the morning to catch the ocean’s treasures.

Fixed net fishery (定置網漁) is a type of fishing method where fishermen put enormous nets in the water to catch various kinds of fish. Local fishermen arrange the nets in different ways depending on the quality of their fishing grounds or what types of fish they intend to catch. Because this fishing style focuses on the swimming behavior of migratory fish, the fixed net fishery is often described as one of Japan’s most efficient and environment-friendly fishing methods.

The activity starts at Toi fishing port Tachiutsu port district (都井漁港立宇津地区).

For safety, it is recommended to put on waterproof boots or non-slip sneakers. Please wear comfortable outfits that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet. Please be sure to bring work gloves, which are sold in regular supermarkets; a hat, and something to drink. You can also get a cool box to bring fresh fish home after the activity.

Staff will describe the rules of the activity and collect the fee in cash at the port. Please prepare the exact amount in advance.

Wear a life jacket for safety.
Hop on the fisherman’s boat. And now, we are ready to go!
Head to the fishing point while basking in the great sea breeze.
“We catch different types of fish depending on the season. Let’s see what we get this time,” Captain Yoshinari Kawasaki says pleasantly.

After about 10 minutes into the boat ride, Captain Kawasaki anchored the boat where the nets have been placed. Captain Kawasaki then instructs everyone to line up by the side of the fishing boat and get ready to pull up the nets with each hand alternately. You will find yourself in a tug-of-war with the fish. Everyone on the boat will start to encourage each other, shouting, “Keep pulling. We can do it!”

The more you pull, the more you get excited to see what’s in the nets.
Finally, fish came into our sights. “What did we get?”

Once the nets come above the water, the challenge will be to put the fish in the tank. Fish will be splashing around when you scoop them up with the landing net. This is the battle fishermen must fight every day!

Keeping the fish as fresh as possible is one of the indispensable jobs of a fisherman. Tanks are filled with ice and cold water. You need to put the fish into the tank immediately after you scoop them up from the nets to ship them out in their best conditions.

“Fresh fish are so lively!” Fighting with the splashing fish is quite a job.
Mackerel Tuna, called “Suma” by local fishermen, is in season.
“What kind of fish is that Captain Kawasaki?” Getting expert lectures on each fish.
Sometimes, the ocean brings us a surprise!
Releasing unexpected catches, like this shark, is also one of the fishermen’s jobs.
“We made a good haul today!”

You can bring fish home with your cool box after returning to the port. You can ask the local fishermen the best way of eating them.

After the fun activity, you can try freshly caught fish dishes at a local restaurant. Restaurant Umi no Kokoro (海のこころ) is located right in front of Suwa Beach (諏訪浜), only a few minutes walk from the Toi fishing port Tachiutsu port district. You will surely be surprised how the fish are perfectly firm and have a natural sweetness when they are genuinely fresh.

Restaurant Umi no Kokoro (海のこころ).
“Itadakimasu!” (Bon appétit)
Omakase-fisherman Lunch Set: Assorted sashimi in season, grilled Japanese barracuda, rice, miso soup, and some small side dishes.

To book the activity:
Please mention the following items and e-mail at
-Number of people
-Desired date
-E-mail address or Phone number

*Activity fee / ¥4,000 per person (Meals separated.)
*Activity is available for a minimum of 2 people up to 12 people.
 Please contact us if you plan to come with more than 13 people.
*There is a possibility of sharing a ride with other groups of people.

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